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50 years of experience

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Solutions for water and gas networks

Reference supplier of products in the anti-corrosion and signaling segments as well as for distribution networks in the gas, water, sewage, and district heating sectors.

Fotografia di cantiere con posa di grossa tubazione a cui sono applicati i collari distanziatori.

Traital has operated on the market since 1972 and is an incumbent leader in the pipe sector in Italy: starting from its expertise in the anti-corrosion sector, it has extended its business over time to other products relating to water and gas networks, plumbing, heating, plant engineering and infrastructure.

We understand how crucial it is to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety in water and gas distribution systems. To deliver this, we use cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials to protect pipes from corrosion, ensure perfect sealing, to preserve material integrity, and ensure infrastructure ageing is not accelerated.

Our team of highly qualified experts is ready to tackle even the most complex projects in the water and gas sectors. We provide customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of our customers, guaranteeing excellent results in terms of energy efficiency, loss’ reduction and always ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Our dedication to customer service sets us apart – we are deeply committed to building long-term, trusted relationships with those who choose our company as a partner.

If require a reliable partner to meet your water and gas distribution networks’ needs, look no further. Traital, with its vast experience, technical expertise, and commitment to innovation, is ready to face the challenges of the sector.

Pipeline & Gas Expo

29-31 May 2024

Piacenza – Italy


Traital will be in PAV 1 – STAND A21

Our products

Accessories for aqueducts, gas pipelines, sewage systems and heating networks.

Fotografia esemplificativa in cui si vedono le mani di un operaio mentre applica un rivestimento di nastro anticorrosivo a una grossa tubazione, che verrà successivamente interrata.


Tapecoat tape
Dielectric paraffin bands
Self-amalgamating single tape
PVC tape
Heat shrinkable sleeves and sheaths
Fiberglass tape
Fotografia di cantiere per la posa di rete idrica e gas. Nell'immagine si vede la posa nel terreno di una grossa tubazione a cui sono stati applicati dei collari distanziatori.

Crossings Solutions

HDPE spacer collars
Sealing rubber sheath
Wall sealing rings
Complete gas exhalers

Fotografia di un rotolo di nastro di segnalazione appoggiato sul terreno. Il nastro è di colore giallo, con la scritta, ripetuta, "Posa fibra ottica".

Report-Sign Solutions

EN 12613 warning tapes
Tracking tapes
EN 12613 signaling network
EN 12613 localization network
Warning plates
Marker ELIOT
Barrier tape
Other signs
Fotografia di una grossa tubazione nera interrata.

Sealing Solutions

Kolmat paste
Paraffin bands and elastomer tapes with aluminum film
Self-adhesive aluminum tapes
Anchor/tie rod protection paste
Fotografia da cantiere di una grossa tubazione nera per la rete idrica e gas; alla tubazione è applicato un collare distanziatore.


Technical sprays
Thermal insulation
Shutters, valves, and connections for utilities
Stainless steel repair/joining collars with lip seal.
Repair/joining collars-spacers
Anti-rock nets
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Solutions for water & gas networks 


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