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Anti-rock nets, unblocking, degreasing and lubricating sprays and class 1 insulating tape: the best accessories for the installation and maintenance of water and gas networks.

Explore our vast range of accessories for thermo-hydraulics and the maintenance of water and gas networks and discover how we can help you guarantee the integrity and efficiency of your distribution networks.

In the catalog you will find anti-rock nets designed to protect pipes from rocks, debris and other external agents, a wide range of unblocking, degreasing and lubricating sprays capable of reducing wear and improving the overall performance of distribution networks, and class 1 insulating tape essential to ensure adequate thermal protection and reduce energy losses.

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High-resistance protection net produced using high-density polyethylene with the addition of expanding compounds designed to improve the mechanical characteristics and resistance to chemical and organic compounds dissolved in the soil. The net is easily transportable.

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Industry – Thermo-hydraulics

ZINC SPRAY – Cold Galvanizing Paint; WELDOK! Splashproof equipment for welding, non-silicone; STOP GAS – Leak detector for gas and air; SPRAY GREASE – lubricating grease; DEGREASE – Quick detergent and degreaser; SBLOCK – Multifunctional unlocker; EASY THREAD – tool lubricant and cooling device; LEVASIL – silicone dissolver; LUBRIFIKA – universal lubricant; SILICONE SPRAY – High molecular weight slipper.

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KOIBENTA – fire resistance CLASS 1

Closed cell expanded rubber insulating tape

Closed cell expanded rubber tape, complete with acrylic adhesive and mesh reinforcement support. Applications: thermal insulation of pipes, bends, valves and special parts in heating and air conditioning systems; sealing of insulating cupels used in heating and air conditioning systems.

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