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Aluminum tape, paste and mastics for sealing and anti-corrosion protection of water and gas systems and networks.

Sealing is a fundamental element for the correct functioning and safety of water and gas systems. We offer a variety of high-quality products, including aluminum tape, passivating paste, mastics and other insulating materials, which provide effective sealing and long-lasting anti-corrosion protection.

Through a wide range of products capable of satisfying the most diverse requirements and conditions, we offer effective solutions for the sealing and insulation of joints and connections in water and gas networks.

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Tape for anti-corrosion protection and sealing with aluminum backing.

Open mesh cotton fabric tape layered on both sides with an anti-corrosion material made of petrolatum and filled synthetic polymers. The external face of the GLASS-TIC ALU band is covered with an annealed aluminum film with a thickness of 40 microns. This strong plastic material, is water and gas impermeable, resistant to UV rays, and unaffected by bad weather.

Rotolo di nastro Jitra 2000

JITRA 2000 Al/Pb

Corrosion protection and sealing tape with aluminum backing

Tape based on bitumen and adhesive elastomers spread on a 60-micron thick support of embossed aluminum (Al version), or lead-coloured (Pb version). The tape is provided with a silicone polyethylene interposition film. The embossed appearance of the tape allows you to hide the irregularities and imperfections of the support to be sealed. UV resistant. Impermeable to water and gas. This plastic does not crack at low temperatures. Unaltered by chemical action.

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Self-adhesive aluminum tape for sealing

Aluminum tapes with adhesive support on one side protected by a silicone paper film to be removed upon application. The HT version is suitable for applications on hot surfaces.

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Paste made of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons with polar compounds and corrosion inhibitors

Preparation of metal surfaces before applying protective bands; greasing and anti-corrosion protection of valves, bolts, tensioners, etc.; temporary protection of metal structures, semi-finished products, and more during transportation or storage; sealing and anti-corrosion protection of anchors in civil constructions.

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Low specific weight filler

JITRAFILL is an anti-corrosion filler composed of a mass based on stabilized paraffins and expanded polystyrene microspheres.

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Special sealing paste modified with silicate fillers produced and tested according to EN 751-2 ARp

Sealing of joints and fittings of cold and hot water pipes with frayed hemp or acrylic fibres; sealing of joints and threaded connections of gas pipelines with or without fraying of hemp or acrylic fibres.

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