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Warning and localization tapes and networks for construction sites with gas and water pipes: among our products you will also find tapes and networks compliant with EN 12613.

The signaling and localization of pipes is a fundamental element to ensure field operators are safe, and to enable the correct management of construction sites. In our catalog you can find a wide variety of products, including warning tapes, and nets that comply with the quality and compliance standards required by the EN 12613 regulation.

Our signaling and localization products are made with highly visible and resistant materials, designed to attract attention and indicate the presence of underground pipes. They are available in different colors and with specific patterns, allowing correct identification of the different types of pipes present on the construction site.

Immagine di rotolo di rete di segnalazione azzurra conforme EN 12613


Complies with EN 12613

Highly resistant, non-degradable polypropylene mesh coupled with a virgin LD polyethylene signaling tape

Complies with AFNOR NFT 54-080, EN12613 regulation.

Immagine di rotolo di rete di segnalazione azzurra conforme EN 12613


Complies with EN 12613

Highly resistant, non-degradable, direct-printed polypropylene mesh compliant with EN 12613.

Immagine di due rotoli di rete di segnalazione, uno giallo e uno rosso


Highly resistant, non-degradable polypropylene mesh coupled with a virgin LD polyethylene signaling tape.

Immagine di tre rotoli di nastro di segnalazione conformi EN 12613

SIGNALING TAPE FOR UNDERGROUND SERVICES – compliant with the UNI EN 12613 standard

Warning tapes and signaling the presence of underground pipes or cables

Polyethylene (PE) composite sheet, compliant with the requirements developed with Deutsche Telekom through the DIN EN 12613 specification, the technical specifications of Deutsche Telekom AG – TS 0126/96 and the RWE KAB 50.0700 standard. Resistant to aging and cold, permanently legible, with crystalline sheet coating over the print; standard colors: yellow, blue, green, red; other print texts on request

Fotografia di nastri di segnalazione standard


From the red and white  construction site delimitation tapes to more complex tapes with protected text, stainless steel locator wires sandwiched between tape and transparent protection or with a metal band, as well as ad hoc thickness enhancements and with text in different languages or with varying characters: we are able to supply retailers and companies actively working on aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, sewerage systems, district heating networks and various cable ducts in general (optical fibres, electrical cables, etc.) in a very short time and with maximum operational flexibility.

Fotografia di un nastro di sbarramento a bande bianche e rosse



Produced from LD polyethylene film with red and white diagonal bands. Each roll is individually packed in cardboard dispensers. Used for delimitation on construction sites. In the SUPERSTRONG reinforced version the tape has excellent tensile strength (20 kg/70 mm).

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